YouTube TV Vs Hulu + Live Channel Comparison 2021

youtube tv vs hulu  live channel comparison 2021

Before the Hulu Live DVR upgrade, YouTube TV was a clear winner in the YouTube tv versus Hulu + live channel comparison. Although Hulu Live has some advantages, particularly with original content and Disney content, the former is the clear winner for now. To make a proper comparison, try out both services for a month. You may be pleasantly surprised with which one suits your needs best.

Having multiple user profiles on your tv plan

The Apple TV offers a feature called "shared family account" that lets you share the same Apple TV device with several family members. With this feature, each member of your family can set their own personalized content preferences, including apps. You can even switch between the various profiles when you're watching different content on the same device. Some features are available only in select countries, though. So, be sure to check the details of your tv plan to make sure you're getting the best deal possible.

Having multiple user profiles on your TV plan can be frustrating for people who live with others. While you can use a TV that offers unlimited streaming, you have to share its data plan with everyone. If you share your device with a family member or significant other, it's important to make sure each person's account is limited to viewing different content. Otherwise, you may find yourself wasting your data.

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Having multiple household members watching at once

In this YouTube TV versus Hulu + live channel comparison, we'll discuss which service is better for watching live TV, and whether it's worth the extra cost. Hulu's on-demand library is extensive, and it offers a large channel selection. However, it doesn't offer fast-forwarding. In the end, we think that YouTube TV is more convenient for most households.

The main differences between the two streaming services are in channel lineup. Hulu's library is larger, and includes Disney+ and ESPN Plus. While YouTube TV doesn't offer many channels, Hulu has more, including many premium sports channels, and a DVR with unlimited storage. If you have more than one TV in your household, you may find that Hulu offers more channels.

Hulu + Live TV isn't the best choice for families with children, but it's a great option for cord cutters. This live streaming service allows up to three devices to watch at once. YouTube TV supports up to six profiles. However, Hulu + Live TV does require an upgrade to match YouTube TV's unlimited screen count.

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Having unlimited cloud DVR

In this YouTube TV versus Hulu + live channel comparison, we will compare the free unlimited cloud DVR feature to the paid version. With YouTube TV, you can record any show up to nine months, while the Hulu cloud DVR allows you to record up to 50 hours. Both services allow you to watch recordings on computers, smartphones, tablets, and other supported devices.

Unlimited cloud DVR is one of the most attractive features of YouTube TV. You can record anything for up to nine months free of charge and keep it for up to three devices. The service also detects long sporting events, and automatically extends your recording if it's not over yet. You can even record commercials live on YouTube TV - unlike with other services.

Both services offer unlimited cloud DVR, but YouTube TV has a few advantages. The service includes unlimited storage of recordings, as well as the ability to fast-forward through ads. YouTube TV also offers parental controls, which let you restrict what your kids watch. Parents should lock the selections with a PIN to prevent their kids from circumventing these restrictions.

Despite YouTube TV's on-demand content, Hulu has a larger catalog of on-demand content than YouTube, which is still limited in terms of channels. However, Hulu is catching up on YouTube TV's channel selection. For the 2021 season, it is adding RedZone and NFL Network to its lineup. Both services also offer unlimited cloud DVR storage for free.

Having unlimited cloud DVR is one of Hulu's greatest assets. Its channel lineup is solid, and its recent price increase also includes ESPN Plus and Disney+. Having unlimited cloud DVR for live TV subscribers is a major advantage. For an extra $10 a month, users can enjoy free fast-forwarding through commercials, though Hulu requires an additional $10 for streaming on more than two screens.

YouTube TV vs Hulu + Live Channel Comparison - What's the Difference? For $65, YouTube TV offers over 85 live channels, including many local channels. Its selection is extensive and includes PBS channels. Its cloud DVR service is a great bonus for those who enjoy live TV but do not want to spend an exorbitant amount of money. And since it's a Google product, it will continue to get new features as it grows in popularity.

Having unlimited cloud DVR is an additional benefit of YouTube TV over Hulu+ Live. Hulu Live TV offers more on-demand titles than YouTube TV. However, it does not have as many original content. Lifetime and Hallmark Channel aren't included with either streaming service. Both Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV offer premium content.

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