How to Change Age on Hulu

how to change age on hulu

Do you want to restrict access to the movies and TV shows on Hulu? You can do so by adding a pin number to your account. Or you can create a new profile for yourself or your kids. This will allow you to update or remove content restrictions.

Create a new profile

If you have a child under the age of 18, you can create a new profile to restrict their access to certain content on Hulu. This is a great feature that can help prevent kids from getting addicted to video games and other content.

To set up a new profile, you must first login to your Hulu account. You can do this with your PC, iOS, or TV connected device. Once you are logged in, click on the "Manage Profiles" tab on the top right of your screen. Then, select a profile to edit or add.

First, you will need to enter a name, gender, and birth date. Hulu will then ask you to verify your information. Finally, you can either save your changes by entering a birth date or contact Hulu customer support to make changes.

Hulu allows users to create up to six profiles at a time. They can be for adults, children, or both. However, you cannot create more than two kid profiles.

When you are creating a new profile, you must first specify the type of content that your child will be able to see. For example, you can set up a profile that will only allow kids under the age of 17 to view TV-MA shows. You can also change the age restriction on your account.

While you are setting up your profile, you will have the option to choose a PIN. A PIN is a four-digit code that will let you access your child's profile. After you set up the PIN, you can use it to log into the kid's profile or adult profile. In addition, you can disable the Kid's mode.

Creating a new profile is easy on most handheld devices. On iOS, open the app and tap the Account icon. Select the (+) New Profile button. Enter your child's name, birth date, and gender. Click "Create Profile" to confirm the changes.

For those under the age of 18, you will need a parent's permission before you can watch any of the restricted content on Hulu. Moreover, you will need a parent's PIN to log into the adult profile.

There are many benefits to limiting a child's exposure to violent or inappropriate content. For instance, it can prevent them from becoming addicted to online games, drug addiction, or falling in love. It can also help keep children safe from crime. Lastly, it can also help parents monitor their child's Internet activity.

Overall, Hulu provides great services and shows, but there are some features that you can add or disable to limit the content your child can see. Remember, though, that not all of the content is properly classified. Nevertheless, it is still a great way to watch some of your favorite television shows.

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Restrict access to non-kid profiles using a pin number

One way to restrict access to non-kid profiles on Hulu is to set up a PIN number. The number will keep your kids from accidentally logging into their own accounts. In addition, it will prevent your child from creating a new profile.

To set up a PIN on Hulu, visit Settings. You will then see the "Profiles" tab. Click the button for "Show the PIN." Enter a 4-digit code and click "Enter". When your PIN is entered, your children will not be able to create their own profiles or log in to the parent's profile. This should be the first step in keeping your kids safe while on Hulu.

It is also a good idea to talk to your kids about the safety of online content. Make sure they know how to use the internal filters on their devices. Talk about the importance of not sharing personal information. If they are using a smartphone or tablet, let them know that they can block unwanted apps.

Using a PIN is the best way to limit access to non-kid profiles on Hulu. This will ensure that your kids aren't watching inappropriate or dangerous content. However, it is important to note that a PIN may not always be effective. Some streaming devices don't support the functionality.

You can also choose to block specific shows or movies. You can set up specific maturity levels to limit access to specific content. For example, if you don't want your kids to watch TV series with violence, you can set up a maturity level of PG-13. While a PG-13 rating is not a bad idea, it does not protect your teens from inappropriate content.

Another option to control access to non-kid profiles on Hulu, especially if you have a young child, is to create a "kid's" profile. This profile will be designed specifically for kids, and it is likely to be easier for them to navigate. They will have to enter a four-digit Profile PIN to access their profile, and the exit challenge can help ensure they don't try to re-enter.

Finally, you can create a "family" profile, if you have more than one child. This will allow you to choose content for your whole family. Also, you can set a time limit for viewing and limit certain websites, apps, and sites.

If you are looking for a parental control app to manage your kid's digital life, you might want to check out Kidslox. This application works on all major operating systems and allows parents to set time limits, filter content, and restrict certain apps and websites.

Finally, if you are considering a subscription-based service like Netflix or Hulu, you should look into parental controls. Both services offer a wide variety of content, from TV shows to movies. But while they can provide a lot of entertainment, they can also be a risk to your kids.

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Update or lift content restrictions on a profile

Hulu is an online movie and TV streaming service. The company offers its services through apps for smartphones, tablets and computers, and through web browsers. Its content can be watched by users aged 13 or older, but parents may want to create a separate profile for their children. Parents can opt to set a PIN number to unlock the teen-specific profile, and the site has some parental controls to keep kids from accidentally viewing inappropriate content. Whether you use a desktop or mobile device, you should know that Hulu will operate under your device's settings. You can't block specific movies or shows, but you can restrict access to adult content for the young ones.

There are many things to know about Hulu, but perhaps the most important thing to learn is that it's a subscription-based service, and there's no free trial. As a result, you can only create an account if you can prove you are at least 18 years old. If you aren't, you'll be blocked from watching certain content, and you'll have to contact Hulu to change your age. Thankfully, the site provides parental controls, but it's not as comprehensive as Netflix.

If you are a parent looking to limit your kid's time on the service, you can create a separate, secret profile for them and then add your own personal preferences to the mix. For example, you can create a profile to view only movies with a PG rating, or a profile to only show videos from a specific genre. To make sure you get the most out of your subscription, you can also use a family share feature, which lets you control the kinds of content your kids see.

The site's newest feature, Kids mode, enables you to select a category of content for your kids to watch. In addition to providing you with access to shows and movies designed for kids under 13, the feature will also give you the option of toggling the switch on or off. By default, the Kids feature will turn on, and you can toggle it off if you want to reclaim some of your browsing time.

While the new Kids feature is certainly an improvement on the previous incarnation of the site, you still need to be aware of all the features Hulu has to offer. If you're curious about the latest features, check out the new site's FAQs for the latest information. Also, if you're a parent with a smartphone, the Hulu app is available for Android and iOS. Depending on the model of your smartphone, you'll be able to download the app and enjoy all the benefits of the service, including parental controls, without having to wait in line to buy the service. Just be sure to read the fine print carefully, and don't forget to set your PIN so you can unlock the teen-specific profile.

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