Watch 80s Movies on Hulu

80s movies on hulu

If you're a fan of the '80s, you can enjoy several of the greatest movies of the decade with the help of Hulu. If you're looking for '80s action adventures, erotic thrillers, or romantic movies, you've come to the right place. With a Hulu account, you can watch your favorite movies without having to pay for them on your cable bill. You can even watch movies you've never seen on television. You can find erotic thrillers and crime films from the decade right on Hulu!

'80s action-adventure movies

There are tons of '80s action-adventures on Hulu, but you might be looking for some specific films from that era. Luckily, streaming services are always updating their catalogs to offer new movies from this era. For instance, you can view 'Scream', 'Mask,' 'Silver Surfer,' and many other '80s action-adventure films on Hulu.

'80s action-adventures were a special era in cinema. The decade was filled with recklessness, big hair, and tastefully placed laser sounds. These movies filled the summers of kids everywhere with car chases, betrayals, and over-the-top fight scenes. Now, you can watch these classics on Hulu without ever leaving the couch.

'80s romance movies

If you're looking for '80s romance movies, you can check out Hulu's catalog. This streaming service features a variety of movies from the era and even has HBO and Cinemax bundles. You can also watch '80s movies on Hulu for free! There's always something new to discover! Plus, you can watch movies that are no longer on television for free!

"All the Right Moves" is a classic from the early 1980s, capturing the era of America at a crossroads. The film is set in a steel-mining town in Pennsylvania, where varsity football star Stefan is desperate to find a way out of the town's decline. This inevitably leads to a love triangle between the two men. Whether their love interests will be able to work out their differences is a question of personal choice.

Another classic teen film that's available to watch on Hulu is "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." This rom-com stars Sarah Jessica Parker as an awkward, artsy high school student who bets her friend to win the prom. However, her friend ends up choosing a different classmate, the beautiful but awkward Laney. Meanwhile, Ted, the popular high school student, is captivated by the free-spirited Lynne. The two become a passionate couple, and the film also features a memorable romantic gesture by Jake Ryan.

You can also catch classic '80s romance movies on HulU. One of the most famous of these movies, "Friends to Love," stars Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. The two friends become romantically involved, but Meg Ryan fears that adding sex to their friendship will ruin their relationship. This film poses an age-old question, "How do you balance friendship and love?" And the film still feels fresh even decades after its release.

If you're in the mood for a romantic film, check out Hulu's vast catalog of '80s romance movies. Watch classics like Sweet Home Alabama, The Proposal, and Hitch. And if you're feeling nostalgic about the era, don't miss out on Dirty Dancing, starring Jennifer Aniston. You can even watch a clip of "Crazy" from the hit '80s movie starring Audrey Hepburn and Jennifer Anniston.

'80s crime films

If you're looking for some '80s crime films, you've come to the right place. This streaming service features an incredible catalog of the most popular films from the decade. Several of these films have earned top reviews on sites like Rotten Tomatoes, so you can be sure that you'll always find something new to watch. Not only that, but Hulu regularly updates its library with new titles, so you'll never be short on options.

If you haven't heard of Stephen King, '80s crime movies are definitely worth a look. The writer/director enjoyed a great commercial and artistic peak during this period. '81's classic Cujo follows a family of five in a small town in Maine. A family's lives are upended when a killer uses a car to suffocate them in a burning car. The resulting car crash leaves a trail of destruction in the town.

For a taste of '80s crime movies, check out the '80s miniseries Candy. Based on a real case, Candy Montgomery is a housewife accused of murdering a woman named Betty Gore. Her unjust conviction is a shocker, but it is worth a look. '80s crime films on Hulu are a great way to relive the decade and watch some of your favorites.

The most popular '80s crime movies on Hulu are thrillers with excellent detective work and gripping life-or-death situations. Fargo is a great example of this type of film, starring Frances McDormand as a pregnant sheriff. You can also check out Killer Legends, a revenge tale with an eerie twist. Escape from Alcatraz and American Psycho are also great choices.

All the Right Moves captures the mood of early '80s America at a critical point in its development. Set in a dying steel town, Stefan is a star varsity football player with the hopes of landing a college scholarship. But his life is about to get complicated. He ends up sacrificing his future to save his hometown. And he's not the only one who wants to save his family.

'80s erotic thrillers

'80s erotic thrillers are a genre that disappeared from the theaters, but they are now resurfacing on Hulu. The first of the two seasons, "Erotic '80s," will debut on April 5 and the second, "Erotic '90s," will premiere this fall. To help you decide which ones to watch, IndieWire has compiled a list of the best erotic thrillers from Hollywood's golden age, from "Cruising" to more recent foreign releases.

Erotic thrillers are a subgenre of film noir that blends dangerous storytelling with romantic appeal. It's a cross between a thriller, romance story, and soft-core sex films. The genre gained mainstream popularity in 1987 with the release of Fatal Attraction, which was such a hit that it landed on the cover of Time magazine. It's also credited with launching the erotic thriller genre.

One of the most popular films from this decade is "American Gigolo," directed by Adrian Lyne. Kim Basinger stars as a sleazy art gallery worker, but it's the character played by Al Pacino, Mickey Rourke, and Sharon Stone that steals the show. Unlike other '80s erotic thrillers, this film is full of humor and Hitchcockian playfulness.

Another type of '80s erotic thrillers is the classic "femme fatale." In these films, a femme fatale uses her sexuality to get what she wants and fool men. Her sexuality is often an important part of her life, and she uses it to fool men and get what she wants. In this film, she uses her sexuality to manipulate and control a man.

There are also a variety of '80s erotic thrillers that you can watch on Hulu. If you like to watch movies on the beach, "Deep Water" is a great choice. The two actors are excellent in the erotic thriller genre, and despite being somewhat shallow, the film still delivers some surprising laughs. For a twisted domestic drama, try watching "Deep Water" on Hulu.